Westchester Secondary Charter School

These colleges have already accepted our students:  Oberlin, Wooster (Ohio) with scholarships, Lawrence University - Wisconsin with scholarships, Hofstra - NY, Colorado Mesa, University Nevada-Reno,  University of Arizona, UC Channel Islands, Northern Arizona University, Cal State Northridge, Cal State San Jose, UC Irvine Honors, Full ride to UC Merced, Clarke University, UC Davis, Columbia College, Prairie View,Sonoma State, Tuskegee, Shasta


Dear Families and Friends,
Providing our children with a quality education – including field trips, musical instruments, sports equipment, supplies for our teachers – requires WSCS to seek out funds above those provided by the State of California. There are many ways to keep our school strong and financially secure for now and the future:
  • Make a tax-deductible gift, either one-time or monthly.  No donation is too small; give what you can. You may also set up a monthly payment: $10 a month (about 50¢ per school day) is an easy way to give $100 over the school year.  Also, if you had planned to pay tuition this year, please consider giving 10% of that amount. A high percentage of parent donations also helps us win larger grants.

  • Match your gift through your employer.  Please check with your employer; you can often double your donation.  Also, if you have a contact with a company or foundation that can support us, please let Ms. Landon know.

  • Share our need with your friends and family.  No need to ask them to buy gift wrap or candy – relatives have been great supporters of WSCS, so please ask!

  • Register Ralph’s and Vons cards, and link to Amazon through our website.  This costs you nothing and our school benefits every month.

  • Attend a restaurant fundraiser – these happen almost weekly so there’s always an opportunity to enjoy dinner and support WSCS at the same time.

  • Support our fundraisers: a special event this fall, and FunFest in the spring (details soon).
You may donate online with Paypal, or bring, send, or mail a check to the school office.  Each and every one of us can make a difference.  If you need any assistance, have a question, or would like to become more engaged with our fundraising efforts, please contact MB Emigh, our volunteer coordinator, at friends@westchestercharter.com.
Many thanks,
Principal Janet Landon with the WSCS Board of Directors