Westchester Secondary Charter School

These colleges have already accepted our students:  Oberlin, Wooster (Ohio) with scholarships, Lawrence University - Wisconsin with scholarships, Hofstra - NY, Colorado Mesa, University Nevada-Reno,  University of Arizona, UC Channel Islands, Northern Arizona University, Cal State Northridge, Cal State San Jose, UC Irvine Honors, Full ride to UC Merced, Clarke University, UC Davis, Columbia College, Prairie View,Sonoma State, Tuskegee, Shasta
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Discipline Policies

WSCS Discipline Policy

Westchester Secondary employs a character development program, Peters Procedures, which requires all teachers to manage their classrooms in a uniform manner.  Students are trained in our expectations that include classroom procedures and conflict resolution.  Key components of this program are to teach students to be self-starters and to work through distractions.   Students are given the first week of school to acclimate to our culture prior to being given natural consequences for violations. 
Students always receive a verbal warning first.  Teachers may then assign the loss of passing period, a lunch (15 minute) detention or lunch clean-up depending on the infraction.  There is a discipline matrix so that the progressive disciplinary actions are equitable.   Teachers will make a parent contact once behavior issues reach the level of after-school detention or occur with regularity. 
Discipline is given according to our school Discipline Matrix, which is found attached below.
WSCS follows the California Department Education Code regarding this level of consequence. Parents will receive information on how to appeal a suspension with the suspension paperwork. The policy for suspensions and expulsions can be on our Board Policies page and is also attached below.

Uniform Complaint Policy

If parents have concerns with the way discipline of their student is handled, a uniform complaint must be filed. This document can be found below.