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Community Service Requirements

WSCS is a community-based school and it is important that students realize they are contributing members of the school and its surrounding communities.  Thus, students at WSCS are expected to complete community service hours. The students will serve the community in a variety of ways: mentoring other students, volunteering for school events, and working for service organizations outside of school.
Students will also be involved in a variety of activities to enhance their understanding of how a community functions. This includes service learning and establishing ongoing relationships with businesses, local government, and community organizations. Emphasis will be placed on students being connected to their community and becoming contributing members of society.
Students will record their community service hours. Colleges are generally interested in students’ community service records for applications and scholarships. Moroever, Community Service Hours will be recorded in the history classes. Students in grade 6 are expected to complete 5 hours, while grades 7 and 8 are expected to complete 10 hours. Grades 9 and 10 are expected to complete 20 hours each year. 


Required Service Hours Per Grade

6th Grade

5 hours

7th Grade

10 Hours

8th Grade

10 Hours

9-12 Grade

20 Hours each year


105 hours


Please use the attached form to record hours; submit to your social studies teacher.