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P.E. Clothes

PE Clothes FAQ

1. How do I pay for clothes?
Cash or checks payable to Westchester Secondary Charter School (WSCS is okay too).  The basic required uniform is a set of two t-shirts and a pair of shorts, for $25 (some larger sizes extra).  Hoodies, sweat pants, and a cinch bag are all optional and not required.

2. What if I want additional clothes or need to order different sizes?
Additional clothes for students or family may be purchased through the p.e. department.

3. What if my child or I come to pick-up there aren't the sizes I indicated, or we decide we need a different size?
There will be pre-ordered merchandise in a variety of sizes, so there should be enough to fulfill all orders and the basic uniform for all students. Currently, the smallest size of shorts -- youth medium -- is on back order; some students decide to go with the next size up instead of waiting. The shorts are long but that's okay for middle/high school p.e. If you choose to wait for the youth medium shorts, simply have your child wear shorts from home until the new ones arrive.

4. When can I pick up the uniforms?
PE uniforms are available now at school.  Please send $25 cash or check made to WSCS if you haven't paid yet (or more if you ordered additional clothes). Please have your child check with Ms. Brazile or Mr. Ramirez to find out when uniforms can be picked up now that school has started.

5. Do students have to dress for p.e. the first day of school? What if we haven't gotten the clothes yet?
Update: students are not dressing the first week, as the rest of the clothes get distributed and the students masters their Peters Procedures.